Door Frame Bumper Pads

door frame bumper pads

Door frame bumper pads are designed to protect door jams and frames from the moving of furniture and other large items. These door frame protectors are often equipped with clamps or or springs that allowing them to be held in place.  In this post, we feature several quality door frame bumper pads that are highly rated.

Door Frame Bumper Pads

You can click on the photos, titles and links in the descriptions to purchase and learn more about each door frame bumper pad. Prices for these protectors will range between $15 and $50.

1. Padded Door Frame Protector

door frame bumper pads

Made of durable padded quilted fabric, this door frame bumper measures 24 inches by 62 inches, which will protect most doors. Metal clamps hold the pad in place, and can also be used on banisters and stairways. Priced at around $35, it is on the mid-range of the protectors on our list. Click here to purchase and for current price.

2. Door Frame Pad with Clipsdoor frame bumper pads

This door frame protector measures 69 inches tall and is 11 inches wide. Three steel-spring clips hold the protector in place and are covered in polyester webbing. At just over $40, this door jam protector is one of the priciest on our list. Click here to buy and for current price.

3. Door Jam Protector by Trimaco

door frame bumper pads

At just under $15 each, this easy to use door frame bumper is one of the least expensive on our list. Made of durable construction board, it fits snugly around standard door frames and measures 60 inches. It is reusable and easy to remove. Click here to purchase and for current price.

4. Premium Door Protector

door frame bumper padsdoor frame bumper pads

This top of the line door frame bumper pad features top grade materials, built-in springs and adjustable height, making a versatile protector for doors of many sizes. It can be used on doorways, banisters, door jams and entryways. Priced at just over $46 with shipping, it is at the most expensive jam protector on our list. Click here to purchase and for current price.

5. Spring-Loaded Door Jam Protector

This pair of door jam bumpers combine the affordability of high-grade cardboard with the use of springs to hold them in place. They are durable and can be cut to specific measurements. At just under $30 with shipping, they are on the mid-range of the protectors on our list, but you get two for this price. Click here to purchase and for current price.


Door frame bumper pads offer the peace of mind of moving furniture and other large items without worrying about scratches or nicks on door frames. In this post, we featured five highly rated door frame protectors that works with most doors and are easy to install and remove.

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